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Whether You need more customers walking through your door, more people to buy from you online or you Just simply Want to generate More leads And Appointments

Whether You need more customers through your door, more people to buy from you online or you Just Want to Get More leads & Appointments

Your Website MUST Do 3 Things Really Well:

GN Media Group Website Design That Convert Into Sales


Your website MUST have multiple Lead Capture Systems in place to collect vistors details.


Your website MUST have smart, Automatic Follow Up Systems to nurture new customers.


Your website, landing pages, sales funnels and email follow up MUST Convert Like Crazy.

Your website must have a lead capture system

1. Lead Capture

Approximately 96% of visitors to your website leave - never to return again. This is why you MUST have an automated Lead Capture System in place. 

Because, even if they are not ready now, they may well have buying intent in future. So before they go, you offer them something of high value related to what you sell.

Give them something of benefit that moves them closer to their goal - in exchange for their contact details. This way you can follow them up with your Lead Nurture System.

2. Lead Nurture

Your website MUST have a sophisticated, automated and engaging Lead Nurture System in place because if 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy now - that's an awful lot of money left on the table.

A smart, automatic, engaging follow up system is the secret to nurturing your audience, providing further value, building trust, re-marketing to them and making sales from this 96% even after they've left your website.

Lead nurture systems for your website
Get more leads with sales funnels

3. Lead Conversion

If only 4% of visitors to your website are ready to buy now - Your Website MUST Convert Like Crazy.

If your website, sales funnels and landing pages are not crafted by website conversion specialists, experts in conversion rate optimisation then your website has a very slim chance, if any, of converting visitors into buyers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the single most important factor for profit maximisation. Just doubling your conversion rate alone, will double your leads!


Your Website MUST Do These 3 Things:


Your website MUST have multiple Lead Capture Systems in place to collect vistors details.


Your website MUST have smart, Automatic Follow Up Systems to nurture new customers.


Your website, landing pages, sales funnels and email follow up MUST Convert Like Crazy.

Think About It...

If your website effectively captures, nutures and converts more visitors into customers - you can afford to attract more traffic than any of your competitors, steal market share, dominate your local market and make more profit!

**BUT WARNING** ...If your website is NOT doing these 3 Things AND you're sending Ads to it from Facebook or Google you are simply Murdering Money! We can help you fix this fast - go ahead and claim your Free Discovery Call.

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business


In Today's Day And Age If Your Website is Not Mobile Responsive You Won't Have To Worry Much Longer Because Your Business Will Soon Be Out Of Business!

More website traffic

Mobile Responsive

With 60% - 70% of People Visiting Your Website On A Mobile Device - It's essential that your website works effortlessly and converts on all devices!

Think of it like this... literally only a few years ago nearly all of us looked at websites sitting at a desktop computer with no distractions.

But today's Mobile Problem - Means the future of your business depends on grabbing the attention of the person in Starbucks, on the train, and watching TV.

If Your Website Does Not Have MultiMedia Video You'll Get LESS Leads, Appointments And Sales!

Multi-Media Video

Very soon, it's predicted that 82% of all consumer website traffic will be from video content. Businesses who don't make the transition to video fast will be left behind with disappointingly underperforming websites.

Video captures more attention, adds a degree of personalisation, makes complex ideas easier to explain and is just more engaging which is why all the search engines and social media platforms push video above all else. This is why your website must have high quality multimedia video and great sounding audio.

GN Media Group | The Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow Your Business


The Reason You're Reading This Right Now Is You Already Know There's Something Wrong With Your Website - You Just Didn't Know What!

Ineffective Website Design

Most Websites SUCK!

Unfortunately, the majority of local businesses suffer with websites that simply don't work. Worse still, most of them actually repel customers and money.

And if you're like most local businesses your website was probably the last thing that you actually did.

There wasn't a lot of thought and you didn't think about the long term effects.

"But Now The World Has Changed... And Your Website Should Be One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Business!"

YOU KNOW Something Is Missing!

At this point you've probably figured out that there is something missing from your website especially considering some of the things we've just mentioned.

Hopefully you now realise what some of those things are and that if you want your business to grow, if you want more leads, more customers and more sales in this new post-pandemic world - Your Website Is The Key and it needs some attention - Now!

Fix Your Website


Yeah Sure, You Can Take The Next 12-18 Months And Learn All Of This Yourself And That Would Be Fine But Don't You Have Actually Have A Business To Run?

Why Not Let Us Do All The Work You So You Don't Have To!

If you are like most of the business owners we speak with every day, at least two of the following apply to you:

  • 1

    You Are Frustrated

    You are frustrated with your website. Despite your very best efforts, it's simply not producing the prospects, leads, appointments, sales and profits you want.

  • 2

    You Feel Let Down

    You feel let down by the people whose advice you sought or who looked after your web design etc. You did what they said - but where are the customers and profits?

  • 3

    You Are Overwhelmed

    You are bombarded with advice about what you should do online - Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Online Video, Email Marketing. The list is endless but you don't know where to start.

  • 4

    You Are Too Busy

    You are just too busy to do all this by yourself. You don't have the time or energy, you just want someone you can trust to do it all for you so you don't have to.

Sound Familiar?

Don't Try And Do It Yourself
You Don't Have The Time!

Don't try to do it all yourself - you don't have the time, you may not have the expertise and quite frankly, you have a business to run so your attention should be elsewhere.

Hire a team who knows what they are doing and can set everything up for you quickly, professionally and profitably.

Whether you're a brick and mortar buisness who needs more customers walking in through your door or you want to postion your business to attract the people that want to from you buy online or your focus is to simply generate more leads for you to follow up with.

Whatever You Need For Your Business We Can Make It Happen For You!

With GN Media Group, not only will you have a bespoke hand crafted website that looks classy, it will do the job it's meant to do... capture new leads, book appointments and drive sales... the life blood of all business.

If you want a website that does all of this for Your Business (and you don't have to do any of the work), go ahead and Claim Your 100% Free Discovery Call and we can talk about making it happen for you.


If You Are Frustrated With The Performance Of Your Website - If It Doesn't Bring You New Customers Every Day or If It Just Sits There Doing Nothing - This Is For You!

We Can Help Almost Any Kind of Business
No Matter What Business You're In We Can Help You, Let's Talk Today

  • Chiropractors

    Have a regular stream of new clients in your practice.

  • Dentists

    Get new patients sitting in your chair first.

  • Surgeons

    Let new private patients know how to find you first.

  • Vetinarians

    Help pet lovers find you before other local vets.

  • Restaurants / Bars

    Want your tables full at your least busy times and days?

  • Salons

    Be the first salon in your area that new clients find.

  • Gyms & PT's

    Get found first - before any other fitpro or gym.

  • Martial Arts

    Fill your classes with students and families.

  • Trades

    More of the jobs you prefer from the best customers.

  • Estate Agents

    Get that property directly in front of those ready to buy.

  • Financial Planners

    Target your preferred, most profitable clients.

  • Travel Operators

    Get more clients who'll buy your best packages.

And Any Other Kind Of Business



We Are Not Regular Web Designers - We're Website Conversion Specialists! Experts In Knowing What It Takes To Get Your Website To Make Your Business More Money!

In today’s digital world your website should be the online “HUB” for your business and if done right, it will boost the performance of ALL your marketing channels.

Think of it this way... your website is essentially the gateway through which people either walk on through and start giving you money or more commonly, it is the gateway that repels people and they turn and walk the other way into the arms of your competitors.

It's no exaggeration to say that the financial future of your business, you, your family, and the people you care about, ultimately comes down to your website.

This is why it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to leave it in the hands of a 'regular website designer' and not have it custom built and handcrafted by website conversion specialists and direct-response marketers, who are experts in knowing what it takes to get your website to make your business more money.

This is Where We Come inGN Media Group - Specialists In Local Business Marketing

We are website conversion specialists, direct-response web marketers who are experts in conversion strategies that make your website sell - rather than just being 'website designers' who's goal is to make your website look pretty.

With GN MediaGroup, not only will you have a bespoke hand crafted website that looks classy, it will also:

  • 1

    Attract The Right Type of People

    Your website will attract the right type of people interested in buying what you have to sell.

  • 2

    Capture New Leads Or Appointments

    Your website will capture new leads and effectively convert them into prospects, appointments, customers or clients.

  • 3

    Drive More Sales

    Your website will drive more sales and ultimately make your business more more profit!

We Can Help You
Grow Your Business!

  • Maybe You're A Brick & Mortar Buisness

    Who needs more customers walking in through your door.

  • Maybe You Sell Products Or Services Online

    And want to attract the right people to buy from you online.

  • Maybe You Don't Want To Generate Sales

    In your case maybe you just want more leads or appointments.

It dosen't matter if... you're a local pizza place, restaurant, cafe, bar, shop owner, estate agent, chiropractor, other medial professional, fitness professional, a consultant, advisor, service provider, mortgage broker, solicitor, legal company, lead generation service or any other kind of business - we can help you grow your business!

So just to clarify... Whether you need more customers walking in through the door or attracting the people that want to buy online or simply just generating more leads for you to follow up with - we can make it happen for you.

Let's get started, go ahead and Claim Your 100% Free Discovery Call Today!




IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS You'll Have Your Own Custom Built Website

We'll Create Your High-Performance Marketing Machine That's Fully Mobile Responsive, Has High-Quality Engaging Video, And Converts Browsers Into Buyers Like Crazy!

Complete With Lead Generation Landing Pages, Sales Pages And Sophisticated Follow Up Sequences That Generate Sales For Your Business Completely On Autopilot.

Website design by website conversion specialists and direct response marketers not just website designers
GN Media Group - Digital Marketing Agency For Local Business Marketing


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I understand that...

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  • I will not be speaking with a sales agent. Instead I will be talking directly with one of your marketing conversion and growth specialists.
  • The purpose of this call is to talk about my website, get clarity on my business and identify the next logical step to create the breakthrough my business needs right now.
  • I understand this is NOT for everyone and not anyone is accepted as a client. But, if during our call we both decide that we are a good fit, we can talk about working together.
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